Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today I traveled with Elestria, my adopted daughter, to Waterdeep, where her grandson..Alak be fostering. Tis sad that we must keep him there, but Arran be too hostile for raising children, I I wouldna want the drow getting their hands on him. He be a sweet child, but much like his mother in many respects. Unfortuantely, he do have his father...Solun may he burn in the Abyss forever..etes. Ruby red. Unlike his motehr's beautiful amythest eyes. I look forward to more visits with him, when I can get away from my duties in Arran. Tis a good thing for a child to know his family, and I wish Alak to know the elven side of life, even though he be drow.The change has to start somewhere and it may as well be with my kin. El be makin sure that he do know both drow and the elvish tongue, and he be speaking Comon right plain now. That be thanks to Justine's mother. Didna have much time to stay, so only saw Justine's children in passing. They looked strong and healthy. The boy much like his father; the girl as pretty as her mother. Thank the goddess Justine's mother be such a saint and takes our children in! I couldna bear thinking about what would happen if they werena safely away.